Academic Activities

Management Club

Management club is an activity which will fill the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge. This has been introduced to inculcate the management skills within the students


  • To Improve the Quality standards of the professional course.
  • Develop more Professional skills in the Students.
  • Motivate the Students to improve their creative skills.
  • Preparing the Students for inter college competitions
  • Giving the opportunities to those students who need a platform to prove their talents.


    1. Flash News :

  • Collecting the news about the new projects entered into the market, new companies fluctuation in the Indian market, new joint ventures etc and discussing in the Assembly
  • This will motivate the student to update themselves to the current information about market scenario.

    2. Management Quiz

  • In this concept different student groups has to compete with one another on Business and management relevant concepts like punch lines , company logos CEO of different companies, joint ventures , Share market etc.
  • This will not only help to sharp the students caliber but also to prepare them for inter college competitions.

    3. G.D.Competition

  • In this round student group will allowed to discuses on some topic where they can share their views with one another .
  • This will help to improve the communication skills of the students
  • Improve the confidence level of the students.

    4. Presentation

  • In this every student has to give power point presentation about their ideas and concept or about topics.
  • Here students will be given an opportunity to prove their creative and presentation skills

    5. Management games

  • Brain storming concept
  • Where students are allowed to compete with one another with some games like word puzzle, one minute game, treasure hunt etc.

    6. Expert Seminars

  • Students are allowed to interact with some expert to improve the practical awareness.

    7. MOCK Interviews

  • MOC interview will be conducted to prepare the student to face the interviews.

    8. Management Feasta

  • In this concept students are allowed to work with some companies on some projects and prepare the model of that project and give the presentation about the projects with the displaying the model

    9. 1.Add Mad

  • Here the students has to come up with new ideas and thoughts and prepare and add and present it
  • Or they have take routine add which displaying in the different channels and present the same in different mode.

    10. Role Play

  • Here the students has to present them self as a role model of either a company or governing body or company representative in different situations.



  • Seminar Presentation
  • G.D Competitions
  • Management Games
  • Flash News
  • Rock on


  • Elocutions
  • Presentations
  • Add Mad
  • G.D
  • Eat Feast
  • Word Game


    Finance Club

  • Project presentation
  • Sale of mutual funds and shares
  • Market analysis and presentation
  • Marketing club

  • Project presentation
  • Add Mad
  • New product development
  • One minute creativity
  • Treasure hunt
  • HR club

  • Project presentation
  • Career planning
  • Case studies
  • MOC interviews
  • Personality development
  • Placement Training club

  • Placement training sessions
  • Interviews


    Finance Club

  • Loan Huntn
  • Project Financing
  • Management Feasta
  • Business Plan
  • Marketing club

  • Role Play
  • Business Pland
  • Sales and Promotion
  • HR club

  • Mock Interviews
  • Employee Development and Training (New Techniques)
  • Employee Motivation ( New Techniques)


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